Tool Bar

The PollEx PCB tool bar contains frequently used menus.

Figure 1.
  1. File management functions
    • Close: Close active design.
    • Open: Open PDBB file.
    • Save: Save active design into PDBB file.
    • Print: Print current view status into paper or Bitmap/Postscript image.
  2. Measure/Picking tools
    • Provide the function to measure objects or find the properties of objects. Two dialog menus run as toggle mode.
    • Picking tool: For mouse selected objects, show all related properties on picking dialog box.
    • Measure tool: Measure objects’ size or distance between various objects.
  3. View control menu
    • Zoom In/Zoom Out
    • Window Zoom: Zoom area for mouse selected two points.
    • Zoom 1:1: Go back to default view status.
  4. PCB Explorer
    • Using PCB Explorer, you can search components or nets and component/net composition.
  5. Layer Control
    • Artwork Layer: View layers with artwork layer order.
    • Physical Layer: View layers with physical layer order.
    • Layer: For selecting layers, user can change layer viewing status or layer properties.
  6. Object Display On/Off Control
    • Routing Data On/Off: Display On/Off function for route pattern.
    • Components Data On/Off: Display On/Off function for components on PCB.
    • Polygon Fill/Unfill: Display polygon or copper fill/unfill function.
  7. Object Viewers/ Data Extraction Tool
    • Parts Viewer: See all parts used in PCB layout.
    • Padstack/Via Viewer: See all padstacks and vias used in PCB layout.
    • Net 2D/3D Viewer: See all routing nets on PCB layout.
    • PCB Data Extractor: Documentation tool for nets or components and their related properties and objects. After making table, user can extract table information into MS/Excel sheets.
    • Net Topology Viewer: Show net routing structure with topology style.
  8. DFM Core Running
    • Using this function, you can run PollEx DFM checking after specifying multiple DFM input files.
  9. DFE Core Running
    • Using this function, you can run PollEx DFE checking after specifying multiple DFE input files.
  10. Metal Mask Manager
    • Using this function, you can check whether a PCB design uses a standard metal mask.
  11. Board Information
    • Window menu provides all information of working PCB. At dialog window, you can see file path, file generation date, board size, number of used component and nets, and so on.
  12. Capture
    • Using this menu, for selecting region with two points mouse picking and shortcut key, Ctrl + C, you can easily get image file on PCB.