PCB Explorer

Use the PCB Explorer to search components or nets.

It provides searching objects of combination for net and net connected components or components and connected nets.

  • Selection Type – A: Basic search window (Type-A).
  • Selection Type – B: Second search window (Type-B).
  • Searching keyword input box. If you want to search the Part, Reference, or Net name, use this. Also, you can search keyword input box with Wild Card (*, ?, #) in PCB Explorer. Search keyword is case-insensitive. The list is automatically updated as you enter keywords.
    • *: String
    • ?: One Character
    • #: One Number
    • " ": Searching the matching string only.
  • Objects selection in the basic search window.
    • Example 1) C(or C*): Search for items starting with C (C1, C15, CA10, ...).
    • Example 2) *C: Search for items ending with C (5VCC, GNDADC...).
    • Example 3) *C*: Search for items containing C (VCC1P0, 5VCC...).
    • Example 4) C?: Search for two-letter strings starting with C (CA, CP...).
    • Example 5) ?C: Search for two-letter strings ending with C(AC, PC...).
    • Example 6) *?C: Search for items ending with C and preceded by a letter (non-numeric) (AISC, SPKC...).
    • Example 7) C#: Search for items staring with C and followed by a number (C1, C2, C9...).
    • Example 8) C##: Search for items starting with C and followed by two numbers (C11, C20, C30...).
    • Example 9) #C: Search for items ending with C and preceded by a number (1C, 2C, 9C...).
    • Example 10) “CAP”: Search items that match exactly.
    • Example 11) SPACE: Allow multiple searches by space.
  • View control buttons on screen.
    • Clear: reset selection.
    • Color: assign color for selected objects.
    • Excl: display only selected objects. For others, PollEx PCB will not show them.
    • Disp: make high-light for selected objects.
    • Contrast: display unselected objects with gray color.
  • Combination methods selection for objects on basic window and second window.
  • Second window’s object selection.

Basically, PollEx PCB Explorer runs with two windows, Selection Type – A and Selection Type - B. If you want to search certain objects on PCB, using Selection Type-A would be enough. However, if you want to find a certain net and connected components for selected net, use Selection Type-B. In this case, select with Net in the Selection Type – A and Ref in the Selection Type – B.

From the menu barmenu bar, click Tools > PCB Explorer.