Padstack/Via Viewer

Padstack/Via Viewer is viewer for reviewing padstacks or vias used in parts on active design.

From the menu bar, click Tools > Padstack/Via Viewer.

Figure 1.
  • Viewer mode selection for padstack or via.
  • List for padstack or via depending on viewer mode. Select an item from the list or enter a keyword in the search field. You can search with a following wild card.
    • *: String
    • ?: One Character
    • #: One Number
    • " ": Searching the matching string only.
  • Upon selecting item in list, viewer will show it shape in 2D or 3D mode. Using 3D mode, you can check each physical layer’s pad shape.
  • At information tab, there is much detail information for padstack or vias.
  • Using Padstack/Via Viewer in Picking Tool.

    Figure 2.
  • Select objects using picking tool and at picking tool’s list, select pin.
  • Upon using mouse right button, select menu, Run Pad/Via Viewer among menu list.