Save test results

Save test results

Once a test is completed, the corresponding results can be saved by using the Save test results button (1).

Save test results
1 Button to save the test result
2 Dialog box to save test results. Give a name and write a description.
3 By clicking on the Remove selected test (-) button, the selected saved test result is removed

By clicking on the Remove all tests (bin) button all the saved test results are removed.

4 List of the saved tests. The list of saved test results is limited to five elements.

Saved results can be displayed in the test area for analysis. See below to know how to do that.

Saved test
1 Click on a saved test to select it. Once the test is selected, right-click on it to open a list box which allows displaying results with the command “ Display ”.

A double-click on the saved test result name ( for example Result_1 ) gives the same result.

2 The test result is displayed in a new tab inside the test results zone (Zone 2)
3 Displaying of edited results (saved and current results) is possible by clicking on the corresponding tabs.

Several saved tests can be displayed. See below.

Note: Other functions available in this list box are:

The selected test result can be renamed, exported (see next section) and removed.

Additional information about the saved test results

1 Several saved test results (maximum five) can be displayed inside the test area for comparison with each other.

X allows removing the selected test result from the test area

A test result removed from test area can be re-displayed at any moment.