Edit a Function

After clicking on a Function, a menu as shown below is displayed.

Figure 1.
  1. In the General tab, edit the function:
    Option Description
    Status Indicates if the function is deployed or not.
    Endpoint Enable/disable the endpoint.
    Note: You can delete a function without disabling it first.
    Description Function description.
    Execution Indicates the maximum number of replicas and its frequency. A reset button is also available.
  2. Click on the Code tab to edit the code associated with the Function. All changes related to code (change of template and the code itself) can be edited from here.
  3. Click on the Test tab.
    The Test tab allows you to see if your Function has been created correctly. It allows you to “send” the inputs parameters to the function and receive the solution in the test response field.

    For example, if you deployed a function that sums two digits. In the test request input, write “2,3”. You would expect to receive “5” in the test response. If you receive anything different, you know there is an error.

    Figure 2.
  4. When finished editing, click Save.
    The date the change was made is recorded.