Deploy a Function

Once the new Function is created it will display in the panel. This may take a few minutes. The status of your Function will be updated to a Building status and, eventually, it will become Running. At this point, your Function is ready to be called.

If something goes wrong and building process fails, your Function status will be updated to Failed. This usually means that the code you submitted has errors and cannot be compiled. This should only happen with compiled languages like Go.

Functions can have the following status:

  • Pending: The function has been created but is waiting to be built.
  • Building: The function image is being built (could take 2-3 minutes).
  • Running: The function has been deployed and should be available for invocation.
  • Failed: The function image built failed. This usually only happens with compiled languages like Go when the code has errors.
Note: A Running Function doesn't mean everything will work. Errors can still happen in your code, so it's up to you to write robust, bulletproof code, and handle the exceptions you may find.

In addition, if a User changes the credentials, the Trigger's status can change to Failed.