With indoor databases, there is sometimes the problem that a wall may contain a section with properties other than those of the wall itself. This could be a door, a window, or even a hole. Adding these elements as an additional wall would increase the computation time. To deal with this problem, WallMan allows you to create subdivisions inside a wall.

Figure 1. Insertion of subdivisions.

Generally, a subdivision behaves very much like any other wall, except for the fact that it is assigned to a specific wall and is not allowed to be located outside this wall. The subdivision may be moved or resized inside its wall just like any other wall and its properties can be changed independently from the properties of the assigned wall.
Figure 2. Wall with subdivisions.

Each wall can have an arbitrary number of subdivisions. The only constraints are:
  • subdivisions must be totally inside their walls and parallel to the plane of the wall
  • subdivisions cannot intersect each other

Apart from holes, each subdivision can have different and individual material properties. This gives a maximum flexibility to model the local environment as accurate as possible. Holes in a wall do not have material properties.