Track List

The Track List gives an overview of all available tunnel tracks within the current project.

The user has the possibility to manage the listed tracks by using the buttons on the right side of the dialog:
Figure 1. The Available track geometries dialog.

Opens another dialog where the elements of the selected track are listed. These elements can be edited by double-clicking on a list item. The user also has the possibility to import and export tunnel tracks to an ASCII format here. 
Renames the selected tunnel track. A dialog appears to enter the new name, which must differ from the existing ones.
Creates a new track geometry. A dialog appears to name the new track.
Removes the selected item from the list and deletes the tunnel track from the project, if you confirm.
Warning: You cannot undo this action.
Closes the dialog.

To open the Track List dialog, use the Track List command in the Edit menu or press F9.