Introduction to TuMan

TuMan is a graphical user interface to enter the geometry of a tunnel. It also provides the verification of a geometry. A valid tunnel geometry can be used to predict the electromagnetic wave propagation inside the tunnel.

TuMan is very similar to other Windows-based computer-aided design programs. Therefore it offers all standard editing operations like Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo and Redo. In addition, many special features for the tunnel geometry are integrated. All tools and commands are available by selecting menu items or clicking toolbar buttons. Frequently used functions can be accessed by pressing keyboard shortcuts.

Because of the complex architecture of tunnels, TuMan allows opening three different views of your drawing. Top View, Side View and Cross Section View.

You can save your document and program configuration, using the TuMan specific file format, at any time. After successful verification of the tunnel geometry, you can export this valid tunnel geometry using the WinProp database file format.

TuMan is a multiple document interface application, which means that you can edit several documents at the same time.