Service Configuration

Specify the parameters of the wireless system service.

Parameters of service can be specified on the Service Configuration dialog.

Figure 1. The Service Configuration dialog.
Unique ID of service (not changeable).
Arbitrary name of service.
Type of service (for example speech and data.
Activity Uplink
Activity of service in the uplink direction.
Activity Downlink
Activity of service in the downlink direction.
Note: By using the activity factors for uplink and downlink you can reduce the effective data rate, provided the transmission channel is not required continuously. A typical example is the speech service with activity factors of about 60% each (50% + signaling). In addition asymmetric data services can be considered by utilizing these values.
All available bearers of the service are listed in this section. Bearers can be configured using the Bearer Configuration dialog. The buttons on the bottom offer the possibility to add, edit and delete bearers from the current service.