Bearer Configuration

Configure the parameters of the bearer.

The parameters of the bearer can be specified on the Bearer Configuration dialog.
Tip: The Bearer Configuration dialog opens after clicking the Add or Edit button on the System Configuration dialog.

Figure 1. The Bearer Configuration dialog.
Arbitrary name of bearer.
Unique ID of bearer (can not be changed).
Type of bearer (for example circuit switched, packet switched).
Priority level of bearer.
QoS Class
Quality of service class for this bearer.
Downlink / Uplink
Data Rate
Net data rate of bearer.
Required SNIR
Minimum signal-to-noise-and-interference-ratio that is required to use this bearer. Receiver locations where the predicted SNIR is above this threshold will be assigned to this transmission mode and the maximum available data rate for the corresponding Rx locations will be set to the value specified for this bearer.
Required Signal Level
Threshold of signal level, which is required to use this bearer.
Max. TX Power
Maximum transmit power that can be used for this bearer.
Power Backoff
Power headroom that can be specified related to maximum available transmit power of the transmitter. This headroom can be used to reduce available transmission power and therefore crosstalk probability for high modulation and coding schemes.
Note: This backoff value influences only the transmit power used for data transmission. The power assigned for pilot signals is not influenced.