TX Power of Each Antenna

To compute the electric field strength radiated from an antenna, the transmitted signal power must be known. In MASC the user does not have to specify the power because the resulting pattern is always independent of the absolute power (only relative power ratios between different antennas are important). Therefore, a reference TX power of 1 W is applied to each antenna.

If power splitters are used, the power is split between the antennas according to the settings of the power splitter.


Four antennas fed with power splitter 1 : 1 : 5 : 5. The powers of the antennas are 0.2 W (antenna 1 and 2) and 1 W (antenna 3 and 4).

The isotropic radiator is also fed with the sum of all single antennas (in the example above this would be 0.2 W + 0.2 W + 1 W + 1 W = 2.4 W) reference power.