Description / Definition of Materials

The materials of the mounting elements as well as walls, masts, for example, are assumed to be isotropic and homogeneous (not different electrical properties depending on the direction of propagation in the medium).

Materials are characterized by their electrical properties (transmission loss, reflection loss). WinProp offers an EXCEL sheet where these properties for different frequency bands and materials are listed. Also, the conversion from dielectric permittivity, permeability, and conductance to transmission and reflection loss are given in this sheet.

The material properties of each element used for the mounting of the antenna (for example, mast, arm, sub-arm, tube, radome, and wall) can be defined individually to describe the scenario as accurately as possible. The software suggests reasonable default values.

MASC assumes that the radome of a single antenna is included in the pattern used for this antenna. Therefore, the radome is not considered for this antenna. It is only considered as shielding and reflecting element for all other antennas.