Creating a New Project

  1. On the File menu, click New Project.
    The New Project dialog is displayed.
  2. Under Scenario, from the drop-down list, select Rural and Suburban Scenarios (Pixel databases for topo and clutter).
    1. Select the Consider additionally land usage (clutter, morpho) check box.
  3. Under Databases, select the three database file:
    1. In the Topography (Pixel Database) field, browse to HillyTerrain.tdb1.
    2. In the Land usage / Clutter (Pixel database) field, browse to HillyTerrain.mdb2.
    3. In the Land usage / Clutter (Class Definitions) field, browse to HillyTerrain.mct3.
    Note: Topography and clutter databases are supplied by external vendors and can be converted to WinProp file formats.

    Figure 1. The New Project dialog.
  4. Click OK to close the New Project dialog.
    A top view of the topography database is displayed.

    Figure 2. Top view of the topography database.
1 Altair\2023.1\help\winprop\examples\GetStarted_models\Project4_Rural_Suburban_Scenario\Database\HillyTerrain.tdb
2 Altair\2023.1\help\winprop\examples\GetStarted_models\Project4_Rural_Suburban_Scenario\Database\HillyTerrain.mdb
3 Altair\2023.1\help\winprop\examples\GetStarted_models\Project4_Rural_Suburban_Scenario\Database\HillyTerrain.mct