Defining the Antenna Site and Antennas

For this example, a single antenna site with three antennas is defined.

The height of the building where the antennas are to be placed is 5 m. The height of the antenna mast is 4 m with the result that the antenna will be located at the 9 m.
  1. Specify the transmitter type and settings using one of the following workflows:
    • On the Project menu, click Sites > Site: New.
    • On the Project toolbar, click the Set Site icon.
  2. Under Settings, click 3 Sector Site.
    Figure 1. The Transmitter Type dialog.

  3. Click OK to close the Transmitter Type dialog.
    The mouse cursor is displayed as a circle to indicate that the Set site tool is enabled.
  4. Click near point (X, Y) = (143.88, 187.90) in the 2D view to place the site (the location of the antenna site is indicated by an orange circle).
    Figure 2. A partial view of the 2D view. Place the antenna site at the location of the orange dot.

    Note: The exact coordinates is not important for this example, but the above coordinate is used in the steps that follow.
    Tip: The coordinates at the current mouse cursor are displayed in the Status bar.
    The Site dialog is displayed.
  5. In the z / Height field, enter a value of 5 m.
  6. Click on Site 1 Antenna 1 to select and click Edit.
    The Cell dialog is displayed for antenna 1.
  7. Under Transmitter Settings, in the Frequency (used for propagation) field, enter a value of 1800 MHz.
  8. Under Location of Antenna, in the z / Height field, enter a value of 9 m.
  9. Under Antenna Pattern, click Directional / Sector antenna.
  10. Under Antenna Pattern, click Select to browse to the file farfield_gain_3d.ffe1.
    Figure 3. The Cell dialog for antenna 1.

  11. Click OK to close the Cell dialog.
  12. Repeat Step 6 to Step 10 to define antenna 2.
  13. Repeat Step 6 to Step 10 to define antenna 3.
    Figure 4. The Site dialog.

  14. Click OK to close the Site dialog.
  15. Disable the Set site tool by clicking again on the Set Site icon.
1 Project2_Hybrid_Urban_Indoor_Scenario\Antennas\farfield_gain_3d.ffe