Car-to-Car Communication

Calculate propagation between two moving cars in a suburban scenario.

Model Type

Two moving cars in a suburban scenario are modeled with the transmitter mounted on the roof of the blue car. All cars are moving in this scenario. As the transmitter is mounted on one of the cars, it is also time-variant.
Figure 1. Model of suburban structures and topography.

Sites and Antennas

The antenna is mounted on the roof of a moving car at a height of 1.8 m. The database for this time-dependent moving car is defined in WallMan. The antenna is an omnidirectional antenna at 3.4 GHz.

Computational Method

This project uses the 3D ray tracing (SRT) model to determine the propagation path and received signal for each receiver signal in the scenario.
Tip: Click Project > Edit Project Parameter and click the Computation tab to change the model.
The method considers reflections and diffraction. Some propagation paths are shown between the transmitter and a receiver location near the orange car. The ray file (.str) was removed from the example and needs to be recomputed).
Figure 2. Propagation ray paths for the power results for time stamp 6 s.


The results are computed for six timestamps in this model, from 0 s to 6 s in steps of 1 s. Results for different time steps can be viewed in the Edit toolbar from the Floor Levels above Ground drop-down list.

The received signal power is displayed for three different timestamps, see Figure 3.
Figure 3. Received signal power for three different timestamps.