GUI Update Utility

Use the feko_update_gui to check for new versions of the software and install an update using a graphical user interface (GUI).

Click on Application menu > Check for updates to do a forced check for updates1.

When either CADFEKO, EDITFEKO or POSTFEKO is launched and the scheduled interval time has elapsed, the update utility (GUI mode) automatically checks for updates. By default the schedule is set to check for updates once a week. If updates are available, the update utility displays a notification alert as well as giving you the option to select and install updates.

The GUI update utility can be started from the command line using:

Updates can be installed from a web repository2 or a local repository. During an update a list containing the latest software is retrieved and compared to installed components.

Note: No information is collected during an update.
1 A forced update can also be done from the application menu in CADFEKO, POSTFEKO and EDITFEKO.
2 Requires internet access.