Use a set of tool surfaces to split a set of target surfaces. You can choose which side to keep or keep both sides.

  1. On the ribbon, click the Modify tab.
  2. Click the Split icon.
  3. Define the target surfaces, which are the surfaces that will be split.
    1. Click the target surfaces, and then right-click to confirm.
  4. Define the tool surfaces, which are used to trim the target surfaces.
    1. In the guide bar, click Tools.
    2. Click the tool surfaces, and then right-click to confirm.
    The split surfaces are displayed in two colors, blue and ochre, to indicate the new distinct parts.

  5. Edit the split surfaces:
    To Do this
    Remove/keep sides
    1. Hover the mouse cursor over the side you'd like to remove.
    2. When one of the following tooltips is displayed, click to remove the side.
      • Remove this region...(Keep Front)
      • Remove this region...(Keep Back)
    Alternatively, in the guide bar, select from:
    • Keep Front
    • Keep Back
    • Keep Both
    Make the result solid or hollow By default, in the guide bar, Solid Result is selected. To make the result a hollow surface, deselect Solid Result.
  6. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.