View Controls

The view controls are in the bottom left of each modeling view.

Table 1. View Controls
Control Function

Show or hide objects in the modeling window.
Camera List

Display the available cameras, and click to add more camera options.
Home View

Return to the Home View, or Ctrl + Click to set a new Home View.

Take a snapshot of your scene.

Align the perspective of your scene, or change to an orthographic view.
Visual Properties

View the object's visual properties including: tessellation, ambient occlusion, and real-time global illumination.
Grid On/Off

Turn the grids on or off in the modeling window.
Fit Selected

Fit the selected object in view or fit everything in view if nothing is selected (e.g., the entire scene).
Section Cuts

Section cuts reveal the hollow space inside a solid object. It does not show any fill.
Animate Objects

Display Modes

Choose between various options for the display of the modeling window.
Interactive Rendering modes

Enter an Interactive Rendering mode. Click the icon again to pause or continue the rendering. Right-click the icon to open the Camera/Rendering settings. Ctrl + Click to reset the internal cache.