Configure the View

Configure a single view, configure the multiview layout, and change the view detail.

Configure a Single View

Choose from right, left, front, back, top, bottom, perspective, or a camera view. You set one of these views as the Home view.

Do one of the following:
  • In the view controls, click Camera List , and then select one of the following options:
    • [Right]
    • [Front]
    • [Top]
    • [Perspective]
    • Draw-Top (only available in the Die Design user profile)
    • Draw-Front (only available in the Die Design user profile)
    • Draw-Right (only available in the Die Design user profile)
    • Duplicate camera
  • Rotate the view with the View Cube.
    By default, the View Cube appears on the axis triad at the bottom-left corner of the modeling window.

    Figure 1.

    Clicking a major face (Top, Bottom, Right, Left, Rear, or Front) rotates the view to the nearest possible orientation of that face. If that orientation is not the standard, clicking the face again re-aligns the view back to the standard orientation. If the orientation is already standard, repeated clicks on a major face reverses the view.

    Clicking the arrows incrementally rotates the view by + and - 15 degrees. To rotate the view 90 degrees, click an arrow with the mouse wheel or mouse middle button.

Configure the Home View

You can set one of the single views as the Home view, so that you can quickly return to it by clicking the Home icon.

By default, in the Perspective view, the Home view shows the Top, Front, and Right view.

  1. To select one of the single views, see Configure a Single View.
  2. To set the selected view as the Home view, hold down Ctrl while left-clicking or right-clicking at the bottom left of the modeling window
Now when you want to return to the Home view, click again.

Configure the Multiview Layout

You can choose from 15 multiview layouts.

By default, the single view layout is displayed. To toggle between the single view layout and the multiview layout, double-click the top of the modeling window.
  1. From the View menu, select Layouts.
  2. Select a layout.