Map Dataflow

Variables are used to control the dataflow in the process

That is, passing information and files from one task to another. This is achieved by mapping variables, an output from one task becomes and input from another. In the example below there are two tasks.

Meshing 2D requires the InFile variable to run. Instead of prompting you to select which file to use in this task, the file will be generated by the previous OutFile_1 task, which should be used. This is achieved by mapping the variables. Mapping Variables can be done in two ways:
  • Create a Link between the output of one task to the input of another. Which variables should be mapped to which can be controlled through Edit Link.
  • Drag and drop variables on top of each other in the Variable Browser. This will not establish a graphical link between tasks.

Figure 1.

A Task can have multiple inputs as well as multiple output. If the outputs should be directed to different tasks, they need to be organized accordingly in the Block Diagram. The same goes for input variables. In the example below, the Quality Report variable is only needed by the Open Report task and should only be assigned to the output at the bottom and vice versa.

Figure 2.