Execute a Process - Analyst

Simulate a process.

Figure 1.
Run the simulation of the entire process.
Interrupt the simulation. Click the run icon to re-initiate the simulation.
Saving the session during a pause will save and reestablish the current state.
The pause button will not create a new run folder.
Reset the simulation including all variable values.
For each run of the same process, Pulse creates a subdirectory in the project directory with the study name and an additional sub-folder with the results per run.

Figure 2.
Depending on how many runs are performed and how big the result files are, disk space might become a concern. Setting the directory size limits the number of runs in the Preferences dialog and alerts you of the accumulating data.

Figure 3.
Analyst can execute run to selected, this will execute the process up to that specific task.

Figure 4.
In a paused process analyst can restart the run or unrealize the task.

Figure 5.
The message center logs the status of the simulation and detailed information on each task.

Figure 6.

Projects and Studies

An analyst can create different studies within one project.

Each study can be a different process or the same. It depends on the analyst objective to decide the structure of the project. For example, you can have a project with different iterations of the same process to do a sensitivity analysis or a project that contains different processes that together form a specific workflow.

In Figure 7, you can see a project called Demos that contains three studies, each with a different process. The studies can be run multiple times.

Figure 7. Demos Project

Figure 8. Demos Project Folder Structure