Rename an object from the Model Browser, modeling window, or Property Editor.

To rename a part of other entity, do one of the following:
  • Click twice on the entity name in the Model Browser, once to select the entity and a second time to make the field editable.
  • Right-click the name in the Model Browser or right-click the object in the modeling window, and then click Rename.
  • Names can consist of any combination of letters, numbers, spaces, or special characters. If you plan to export your model to other applications, follow any restrictions the software may have. Typically, the following characters should be avoided: " ' * ? $.
  • Use %n% to rename multiple parts the same name with a number appended. For example, if you rename several parts to Body_%n% the result will be Body_1, Body_2 etc. This works not only for parts but for other entities as well, but only when using the Rename option in the Model Browser context menu.