What Is Inspire PolyFoam?

Inspire PolyFoam is an essential toolset to simulate and validate the part design and physical processes that are required to create a polyurethane foam part.

Inspire PolyFoam Highlights

Inspire PolyFoam helps you determine an ideal part design, material usage and manufacturing process before the physical production of a foam part begins.

  • Precision tools help you define material properties, injection, flow and foaming stages for rigid, flexible or semi-rigid polyurethane foam.
  • A one-click pouring cup test characterizes material behavior for common cavity shapes including cones, cubes and cylinders.
  • Process simulation helps you detect problems with material pouring, filling, expansion and formation.

Optimized Five-Step Simulation Workflow

Five easy steps walk you through the simulation process.
  1. Import CAD geometry and designate the part you want to create.
  2. Define the nozzle and path for the material injection.
  3. Designate the mold and tooling such as Velcro, inserts, guiders and vents.
  4. Define the simulation parameters for the mold and material.
  5. Run the simulation.

Component Creation and Editing

The intuitive PolyFoam tools let you create and edit components in your model:
  • Parts: Designate your foam part from existing CAD geometry; easily make modifications through Inspire.
  • Nozzle: Define a nozzle size, foam injection direction, mass flow rate, material-flow start and end times, and nozzle travel paths for releasing the foaming chemicals into the mold.
  • Tooling: Designate the Velcro, inserts and guiders; define the mold geometry and parting lines; add vents to the mold for optimal part formation.

Material Flow Visualization

  • Use the legend to easily hide or display parts and tooling to review the model content.
  • Use animation controls to visualize the evolution of material flow in the mold cavity.
  • View temperature, pressure, density and velocity distribution at specific points in the mold cavity.