PolyFoam: The Five Steps

Five basic steps are required to define and run a foaming analysis.

You must specify a part, add nozzle paths, define tooling, define process parameters, and run the foaming analysis.

Note: Before you begin, you'll need to import or create the geometry of the polyfoam part. If you need to create or modify your geometry, use the tools on the Geometry ribbon.

Specify the Foam Part

Define the foam part and gravity. Optionally run a pouring cup test to understand the characteristics of the foaming material.

  1. Click the Foaming tab.
  2. Optional: Run a pouring cup test to analyze the foaming material before defining your part.
    1. On the Part icon, click Pouring Basin.

    2. Enter the parameters for the pouring cup test on the microdialog, then click Run.
  3. Import or create the geometry of the part.
  4. Designate the foam part in the geometry.
    • On the Part icon, click Foam Part to specify the foam part in the model geometry.

    • On the Part icon, click Gravity Direction to align the model with the gravity direction.

Define the Nozzle Paths

Create or import a path or fixed-point location for the nozzle.

Specify a nozzle path or a fixed-point location for the material to fill the mold.
  • Click the Nozzle icon to define a fixed position or path for the nozzle.

  • Click the Import Nozzle icon to import a nozzle path or fixed position from an external .txt or .csv file.

Define Tooling Components

Designate tooling for the foam part in your model geometry.

Define commonly-used tooling for the foam part in the model geometry including Velcro, Insert(s), Guider(s), a Mold, and Vents.
  1. Click the Tooling icon.

  2. Select a tool to create or designate a part as that type of component.
    • Click Velcro to designate a component as Velcro.

    • Click Insert to designate a component as an insert.

    • Click Guider to designate a component as a guider.

    • Click Mold to create a mold for the foam part.

    • Click Split Mold to define the parting line for the mold.

    • Click Designate Mold to define an imported mold.

    • Click Vents to add point vents to the part.

    • Click Line Vent to add line vents to the mold.

Specify Process Parameters

Specify basic and advanced parameters for the foaming analysis.

  1. Click the Process icon.

  2. Select the Basic tab to enter the ending conditions such as Foaming rate, Gelling rate, Time and other parameters as required for the foaming process.
  3. Select the Advanced tab to define the Open/Close time for the mold and Tilt Pouring parameters as required.

Run a PolyFoam Analysis

Run a polyfoam simulation and review the results.

  1. On the Analyze icon, click the Run button.

  2. Use the tabs on the dialog to specify parameters for the run:
    TabOptions and Parameters
    Preferences Tab Number of cells
      Advanced mesh options
    Customized Results Specimen analysis
      Sensors parameters
      Output intervals for injection, foaming and curing processes
  3. Click Run to start the simulation.
  4. When the simulation is complete, view the results in the Analysis Explorer.