Foam Part

Use the Foam Part icon to designate the foam part in your model geometry.

Location: Foaming ribbon, Foam Part icon

Designate a Foam Part

Select the part in your model geometry for the foaming simulation.

  1. Click the Foam Part icon.

  2. Select the foam part in your model.

    The selected part is displayed in red.
  3. Click the Gravity Direction icon to set the gravity direction with respect to the part.

  4. Use the microdialog options to flip or rotate the part to align it with the gravity direction. The gravity direction affects the behavior of the liquid as it enters into the mold and during solidification.
    Microdialog option Description
    Rotate the model with the Move tool.
    Pick a surface to align its normal with the gravity direction.
    Flip the model vertically to switch the model between the positive and negative Z direction.