Show Analysis Results

Display and review the results of an analysis.

You can review results from the analyses that are available in the Run History dialog.

  1. On the ribbon, click the Foaming tab.
  2. On the Analysis icon, click Show Analysis Results.

  3. In the Analysis Explorer, select a Run, Stage, and Result Type.

  4. Optional: Select from the various Show options to determine what is visible for the analysis.
  5. Optional: Select from the various Callouts options to show analysis results at a point of interest on your model. The callout values apply to the currently selected run.
  6. Optional: Select from the various Analysis Info options to show specimen data, define a free surface value, or switch between mapped and unmapped results.
  7. Analyze the run.
    Tip: To see what areas on your model are under the greatest stress, select and drag the results slider. To restore the result slider's default values, click .