Altair PollEx UDE 2022 Release Notes


  • Added a feature to display the detailed net information. Display the connected parts information in the netlist.

    Figure 1.
    Display the net name and reference pin list on the BOM list.

    Figure 2.
  • Added a feature to compare net information. Compare netlist between two revisions and display the changed net names or changed parts.

    Figure 3.

    Figure 4.

    Figure 5.
  • Added a feature to import part attributes from ECAD. Convert part attributes from ECAD library into UPMS part properties.

    Figure 6.
  • Added a feature to import part attributes from corporate system. Convert part attributes from corporate system into UPMS part properties.

    Figure 7.

New Features

Add Cadence Allegro PCB design tool
Allegro PCB had been added as an available ECAD tool.
Add Zuken CR-5000/CR-8000 PCB design tool
Zuken CR-5000 Board Designer and CR-8000 Design Force had been added as an available ECAD tool.
Integrate PollEx Mounting Emulator
PollEx Mounting Emulator was integrated in UDMS. When checking in after PCB design and inspection was completed, PollEx Mounting Emulator automatically ran silently, and the results were uploaded also.


Apply allowable errors after automatic verification
You can view the results by making additional settings after automatic verification was completed without setting allowable errors in advance.
Support multilingual
By adding a library for multilingual support, the system administrator can set item names and messages displayed on the screen in multiple languages according to the region of use.
Settings after installing update
You can use the previous settings of UDE when re-installing or update installing.
Display the unread notification
Reduced the display time of unread notifications so that it can be displayed quickly.
PCB layers stack up setting
Setting the stack up option was added when creating or modifying a design project.

Resolved Issues

  • The main and sub person in charge was not shown when a design project was removed or held.
  • The CPN was incorrect in the minor revision BOM comparing result.
  • Altium schematic symbol was not imported correctly when saving in Altium schematic editor.
  • Duplicated status was not checked when entering a specification code in the class management.
  • Cross Probe between design revisions didn’t work.
  • Changes were not reflected immediately when editing BOM.
  • Error that allowed you to confirm the variant BOM even though the design was not checked in.
  • You could select the date before current date when setting the authority transfer period.