Altair PollEx UDE 2022.3 Release Notes


  • Enhancement to drop-down selection fields in the new part registration page.
  • Password Policy Requirements function.
  • Initialize Password function.
  • Improved menu depth.
  • Improved search filters for Redirecting Authority Function.
  • Improved integration with UDE interface and PollEx desktop applications.

New Features

Improved Integration with the UDE Interface and PollEx Desktop Applications
The UDE Interface functionality has been improved to verify if PollEx Service is running. If PollEx is not installed and any E-CAD Interface function is started, like Check-in design data, the UDE displays a warning message as shown below.

Figure 1.
After installing PollEx, click the Check PollEx Interface button. This runs the check function to verify if the UDE Interface application can run. The function is placed at the top of UDE.

Figure 2.
Use this function to verify the PollEx installation. The following message is displayed if the PollEx installation is not successful.

Figure 3.
If the PollEx installation is successful, the following image is displayed after running the check function.

Figure 4.
After a positive check, use the E-CAD interface through the UDEIF application.
Password Policy Management Security Improvements
The Password Policy Requirements function increases user account security.
The Password Setting function is located in User Management and can be used by the UDE Administrator.

Figure 5.
Click Password Setting to display a new window.

Figure 6.
An administrator can use the function to set the password policy requirements, such as for password changes and new passwords. These include:
  • minimum length
  • maximum length
  • expire time in days, months, or years
  • use digits (0-9)
  • use lowercase characters
  • use UPPERCASE characters
  • use symbols (at least one special character). For example, ! @ # ? ]
Use the Initialize button to set the default.


  • Improvements to error handling and user notifications.
  • Improvements to the user interface (UI) and visualization.
Enhancement to Drop-down Selection Fields in the New Part Registration Page
Part Type, Package Type, Manufacturer, Process, and ROHS Compliance drop-down selection fields are enhanced with a search filter. You can search specific values by entering names in the filter, like in the image below.

Figure 7.
Initialize Password
The Initialize password function resets the password (2) for the selected user (1).
The Initialize password function is located in User Management and can be used by the UDE Administrator.

Figure 8.
Improved Menu Depth
Configure the menu with multiple depths using System Management > Menu Management. Improvements to this menu function removes the depth limitation for the side menu bar and increase the menu configuration flexibility. The Side Menu and Menu Tree support a depth of more than three.

Figure 9.
Improved Search Filters for the Redirecting Authority Function
The My Page-Redirecting Authority Function has been improved to allow searching by user name and department. Information about the user's department is now visible in the Authority window and the Authority transfers information window.

Figure 10.
Added department filtering for User Authority Transfer.
Department and Name filters are separated.
Added Clear buttons on the "From" and "To" search fields.
Performance Improvement to the BOM Check-out Function
The checkout function is not reloading the BOM, so you can perform some actions faster and do not need to wait for the BOM to reload.
Performance Improvement to the Design Check-In Time and Part List Variant Time
The function performance is improved, and timestamps are stored after check-in.
Improvements to the Part Search Function for the Multi-CAD Library
The search function is extended to provide a link to the Insert function for symbol and footprint data, which is managed by the Multi-CAD library.
Directory Path Exception Handling when Setting the UDE Environment
Added validation of the Root folder Path value.
Added constraints so that only the network path is allowed as the UDE Root folder path.
Improved UDEIF-UDMS Mentor Expedition Interface
Choose the Mentor Expedition VX as the ECAD Flow when importing a design.
Improvement to Opening URLs Directly
If you log in to UDE and try to input the shared UDE URL and run it, the logged-in UDE opens the module for you to run the URL on another tab of the web browser.
Added an icon to open the URL directly so that you can open the URL when logged in to UDE. If you input the URL in the "URL Input Field", the shared page is opened.
You can input the shared URL on the web browser tab directly. In this case, you are logged-out because of the license issue.

Resolved Issues

  • Endless loop occurs if you cancel the password change operation during login when the account password is expired.
  • When the password expires, and you select the skip option in the password change and attempt to log in again, the 'expired password' message is displayed again.
  • Net List option was duplicated in the Design Menu Output.
  • The UDEIF progress status is wrongly displayed on the E-CAD library list.
  • When a part is registered for Altium, the physical path of the Altium library file is wrong.
  • Insert operation displays an error when the default ECAD flow is set to Altium.
  • Error for part change registration request if the class part type code selected is longer than 20 characters.
  • When searching using the "_" character on a part library information mapping page, no results are generated.
  • During an advanced search in UPMS > Library Management, the class selected in the Part Classification Tree is not automatically specified in the advanced search part category type.
  • The PCB specification information page displayed incorrectly.
  • Error when adding mechanical parts by selecting only some variants in the Master BOM.
  • Input of the UDE Root folder path with white spaces results in the sample files not copied.