Mounter Library

Export mounter library for various mounting machines.

  1. From the menu bar, click File > Export > Mounter Library.
    The Manufacturing Library Extractor dialog opens.
    Note: Before using this feature, you must to set up the Mounter Library section in Setting Environment.
  2. Edit Mounter Library Mapping Table: Edit the mounter library mapping table of the part.

    Figure 1.
  3. Mounter library mapping table file path: Select the mounter library mapping table file, *.mlmt.
  4. Table options:
    1. Check: Check to use the configuration for creating the mounter library.
    2. Filter: Select the filter to recognize the part.
      Footprint, Part Number (MPN), Company Part Number, and Package Name are available.
    3. Value: Define the value of the part which will be exported.
    4. Mounter Maker: Define the maker of the mounter machine.
    5. Mount Software: Define the software name of the mounter machine.
    6. Version: Define the version of the mount software.
    7. Mounter Library Path: Define the path of the mounter library file.
    8. Remark: Write a note of the mounter library file.
  5. Do not overwrite existing parts in the master library: When checked, do not overwrite the mounter library file if the same part already exists in the master library.
  6. Export CSV: Export current setting to CSV format file.
  7. Import CSV: Import an existing CSV format setting file
  8. Search: Search a configuration by keyword.
  9. Add: Add a new configuration.
  10. Delete: Delete the selected configurations.
  11. Save / Save As: Save current mapping table.
  12. Apply Mounter Library to all UPF: Apply current mounter library mapping table to all parts in the UPF library.
  13. Use Master Library to Export: When checked, use master library information to export instead of current mounting information of the part.
  14. Export: Export mounter libraries to the defined output path.