Package Geometry to Other Parts

Export existing package geometry to other parts.

This is useful for parts which have same package shape.

  1. From the menu bar, click File > Export > Package Geometry to Other Parts.
    The Package Geometry to Other Parts dialog opens.

    Figure 1.
  2. MPN: Display the manufacturer part name.
  3. CPN: Display the company part name.
  4. Package Name: Display the package name.
  5. Pin Count: Display the pin count.
  6. Export Data: Select the item to be exported.
    General, Body, Lead, and Mount data are available.
  7. Add: Add parts which will receive the exported information from this part.

    Figure 2.
  8. Part Library Directory: Display the part library folder path.
  9. Search Result: Display part search result and select part which will receive the exported information.
  10. Part Search Parameters: Define search key parameters to find parts.
  11. Remove: Remove the selected part.
  12. Export: Export package geometry information to selected parts.