Environment Settings

From the menu bar, click Setting > Environment to open the Environment dialog. Select General from the navigation tree window.

Figure 1.
  • Default net class file path: The net class file will be used to group DDR bus nets according to their electrical characteristics.
  • Default material file path: you can set default material file path. This file contains parameter information for all materials that make up the PCB.
  • Default MPN reference file path: you can set default MPN reference excel file path. This file contains information that matches MPN and CPN.
  • Default part library directory: you can set default UPF directory path. The UPF contains electrical libraries such as footprints, logical symbols, 3 dimensional shapes, data sheets, simulation model, mount data for electrical/thermal analysis.
  • Auto-sync part data with library parts during Save As Project: you can set enable to synchronize automatically board's parts data with library when you save as project.

Linear Model

Select Analysis to set the linear device model file path.

Figure 2.

IO buffer device models of input and output pins of signal nets are stored in the part data file of individual components. When the device models are not available in the part data, the default device models defined here are used for transient simulation of power integrity SSN analyses. With the use of Linear Device Modeler, you can create linear output (driver) and input (receiver) device models and store them in a linear device model file. PollEx PI provides you with a system default linear device model file, UDVS.dmf.