Change the View

From the menu bar, click View. The View menu contains the following options:

  • Window zoom control: Zoom In/Out, mouse wheel up/down.
  • Panning: Window scroll, right-click + Move.
  • Fill/Unfill Layer
  • Display Control

Fill/Unfill Layer

Set whether to fill or not in displaying the Gerber file.

Figure 1.

Display Control

  • Pan: Right-click + move.
  • View: Set normal or transparent mode.
  • Mini-map: If you want to check the Gerber file, it will be able to grasp the position of the location that is currently displayed in the board.

    Figure 2.
  • Go to Position: Move cursor point to the given location.
  • Layer View: Layer list window On/Off.
  • Output: Data output window On/Off.
  • Measure: Measure the distance between objects.
  • Status Bar: Status Bar On/Off at the bottom of the screen.


Measure the size, length, and the shape in the Gerber file.

After launching the measure tool, a dialog opens in the right side of the main window.

You can check the size or distance between objects.

  • Point to Point: Measure the distance between two points.
  • Object: Check type of shape, position, size.
    • Object Type: Shape type such as Point, Line.
    • Layer Name: The name of the layer selected shape.
    • Current Point: Position information for the selected geometry.
    • Decode Number: Unique number is automatically assigned according to the Aperture Type, size used in the shape.
    • Width/Height/Length/Thickness: Indicates the size information of the selected geometry.
  • Object to Object: Measure object to object.