This option allows the user to create a spherically blunted-tangent ogive. It is a tangent ogive with its upper side smoothed by an sphere.

The base center, the bottom radius (measured in the the base center), the total height (measured for the tangent ogive without being spherically blunted) and the top radius of the spherical side are the parameters required.

A spherically blunted-tangent ogive is shown in next figure.

Figure 1. Spherically blunted-tangent ogive

A tangent ogive with the same parameters than the spherically blunted is shown in figure below. Note that the height of the generated ogive only agrees with the specified one when the top radius is set to 0 (tangent ogive), otherwise the ogive is shorter (spherically blunted-tangent ogive).

Figure 2. Tangent ogive compared to the spherically blunted-tangent ogive