Unit System Selector

Use the Unit System Selector to change the display units used in the user interface. (These can be the same or different as the modeling units, which are set in the Preferences.)

Location: lower right corner of the workspace.

There are several standard metric and English-based unit systems available for you to use:
  • MKS Meter-Kilogram-Second System: (m kg N s)
  • MMKS Millimeter-Kilogram-Second System: (mm kg N s)
  • MPA Megapascal System: (mm t N s)
  • CGS Centimeter-Gram-Second System: (cm g dyn s)
  • IPS Std Standard Imperial System: (in pounds lbf s)
  • IPS Grav Gravitational Imperial System: (in slinch lbf s)
  • FPS Std Standard Foot-Pound-Second System: (ft pounds lbf s)
  • FPS Grav Gravitational Foot-Pound-Second System: (ft slug lbf s)