Read a high-level overview of Inspire Fluids with usage notes directly from the Fluids product team.

What is Inspire Fluids?

Inspire Fluids is a design exploration tool that can be used to rapidly evaluate the characteristics of fluids and thermal systems​. It provides upfront CFD capabilities for product design with simplified pre-processing and post-processing workflows.

Some immediate advantages of using Inspire Fluids include that it:
  • Is fast, robust, and delivers dependable CFD results with optimized accuracy
  • Allows you to explore and enhance fluid and thermal designs with an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Is ideal for both beginners and experts
  • Uses the power of state-of-the-art CPU and GPU-based solver technology to investigate design with minimal effort
To date, Inspire Fluids provides solutions for the following cases:
  • Steady-state, single-phase​, incompressible and weakly compressible flow
  • Laminar and turbulent flow
  • Heat transfer in fluids​ and solids
  • Essential boundary conditions​ (inlets, outlets, walls)
You Can Use Inspire Fluids To:
  • Easily assess fluid and thermal behavior early in designs for faster, more informed product design cycles
  • Create and modify the shape of parts or assemblies to meet thermal and hydraulic objectives
  • Work directly on the geometry with the help of Inspire’s parametric engine
    Note: Traditional CFD meshing is not required.
  • Compute pressure drops, and process efficiencies and temperature fields early in the design cycle without waiting for a detailed analysis on finalized geometry
  • Ensure thermal margin, acceptable energy input requirements, and acceptable stress levels
  • Identify flow patterns, jets, and recirculation regions​ using streamlines, vectors, isocontours, and section-cuts
  • Visualize pressure, velocity, and temperature field​s
  • Predict flow velocity, uniformity, and flow fraction​ at model outlets
  • Predict bulk fluid and wall temperatures​
  • Estimate forces on walls

Inspire Fluids Core Technology:

Inspire Fluids exploits a modern, fast, and accurate, voxel-based CFD solver technology that encompasses:
  • Finite-volume, immersed boundary methods​
  • Turbulence wall functions​
  • NVIDIA GPU support​
  • Multi-threaded CPU support