Common Use Cases for Selecting Approaches

Once you have finished setting up your study, you will need to select one or more study approaches to find the answers to your study questions. The best combination of approaches and the best method to use for each approach depends on your application and objectives.

Study Approach Question or Scenario Best HyperStudy Approach
Which input variables have a significant effect on my output responses? Use a parameter screening DOE, such as Fractional Factorial. Once the parameter screening DOE is complete, look at the Linear Effects and Interactions plots.
How can I do quick trade-off studies? From a space filling DOE, create predictive models in a Fit approach using the Fit Automatically Selected by Training method.
What are the best input variable values to minimize my objective, while meeting my design requirements? Use a single objective optimization such as Adaptive Response Surface Method or Global Response Search Method (if time permits) to search for an improved solution.
What is the reliability of my design? Use a Stochastic approach and add your reliability assessment.