Select Entities

  • Select a single entity by left-clicking.
    Figure 1.

  • Select multiple entities simultaneously using window selection.
    • For box, circle, or freehand selection, click-and-drag to draw a selection window.
    • For polyline selection, click-and-drag to draw a line, then release the mouse to create an end point. Continue drawing lines, then left-click the start point, middle-mouse-click, or press Enter to close the selection window.
    Figure 2.
    Tip: You can also click and drag to select multiple entities in a browser.

Window Selection Settings

Change window selection settings from the modeling window right-click context menu.

Figure 3.

  1. Window Select Disabled. Disable window selection. Allows for fast clicking without the risk of dragging a mini window.
  2. Window Shape. Change the shape of the selection window when you drag your mouse.
  3. Intersection - Select entities that are inside, outside, or intersecting the window shape.
    Note: Intersection is available for elements, lines, and surfaces.
  4. Only Select Visible. Only select visible entities. Available for elements.