Select Entities from the Entity Editor

Parameter values in the Entity Editor, as well as attributes in browser columns that require a selection pop out an embedded entity selector when clicked. All controls, shortcuts, and behaviors for this entity selector are the same as any other, except for a few differences in buttons layout.

Figure 1.
  • Click or press "/" to select by typing names or IDs. While typing, the selection search function provides live suggestions of:
    • Entity names that contain the typed search terms (separated by space) somewhere in their name.
      Tip: If you wish to treat spaces as characters instead of search term separators, turn on the Match Exact Phrase option in the Preferences dialog, located in File > Preferences > Browsers > Selection Search.
    • Entity IDs that begin with a numeric search term.
    A live suggestions list will show partial matches for names and IDs while typing, up to a certain number (configurable in File > Preferences > Browsers > Selection Search). If the model contains more partial matches than listed in the suggestions list, click Browse More, or press Ctrl + Enter, to browse and select from the full partial match list.
    Tip: Live partial match suggestions are available for entity counts of up to 100,000. However, you can still select by typing names or IDs regardless of model size, and full match suggestions will be still provided and selectable.
  • To confirm your selection, click .
  • To cancel your selection, click .