What's New

View new features for HyperLife Weld Certification 2024.

Altair HyperLife Weld Certification 2024 Release Notes


  • Updates to HyperLife licensing and installation for fatigue evaluation using Stress Life or regulations ERRI and IEC.
  • Batch evaluation support for weld and base metal fatigue evaluation following regulations DVS1608, DVS1612, EuroCode3 and FKM.

New Features

Licensing and installation
HyperLife 2024 will require installation of both HyperWorks Desktop and Solver packages. Installation of HyperLife via Solvers is a prerequisite for Stress Life, ERRI and IEC fatigue evaluation using HyperLife Weld Certification.
HyperLife 2024 also introduces the license feature HyperLifeSolver following solver licensing scheme for InApp and HPC based evaluation. The Altair unit draw will depend on the number of CPU cores assigned for the HyperLife job. The HyperLife Solver license feature is required for Stress Life, ERRI and IEC evaluation in HyperLife Weld Certification. HyperLife session for setting up workflows will continue to use license feature - HyperLife.
Batch Run submission
Fatigue evaluation without launching the HyperLife Weld certification session for regulations DVS1608, DVS1612, EuroCode3 and FKM is supported via Run Setup XML file. The batch run is supported for both welded and base metal evaluation following EuroCode3 and FKM regulation.
Export Run setup file
The run setup for regulations DVS1608, DVS1612, EuroCode3 and FKM can be exported as .xml file, which can be used for a batch run submission. The .xml file contains settings pertaining to weld detection, selected regulation, weld properties and fatigue events to execute a fatigue run in HyperLife Weld Certification. The .xml file is written to the working directory along with weld session file on click of Export from Evaluate dialog. The .xml file can be text edited for updates to the exported setup.
Support for element sets for base metal evaluation
Stress Life and Regulations EuroCode3, FKM and ERRI supports base metal fatigue evaluation at selected element groups defined via element sets.

Resolved Issues

  • FKM Static assessment reporting incorrect min and max stress for base metal evaluation was resolved.

Known Issues

The following known issues will be addressed in a future release as we continuously improve performance of the software:
  • Issue in writing the model file containing information of 1D weldlines File > Preferences > General > Save model file; the issue is specific to weld certification workflow using Ansys result files.
  • Issue in screening weldlines (Quick Inspect) using derived envelope loadcases. This will be fixed in the upcoming release.