User Interface

Explore the user interface.

RibbonsBrowsersEntity SelectorsModeling WindowAdjust the ViewStatus Bar
  1. Menu Bar

    The menu bar contains pull-down menus that provide access to standard functions such as file management operations, system preferences, and help.

  2. Ribbons

    The ribbon allows you to quickly access tools and standard functions, and is located along the top of the user interface. Click on an icon to open the related tool. Hovering over a group of icons may reveal additional tools.

  3. Browsers

    Browsers supply a great deal of view-related functionality by listing the parts of a model in a tabular and/or tree-based format, and providing controls inside the table that allow you to alter the display of model parts.

  4. Entity Selectors

    Use entity selectors to specify which type of entity you are able to select.

  5. Modeling Window

    The modeling window is where your model is displayed.

  6. View Controls

    View controls enable you to control the view and display of your model in the modeling window.

  7. Status Bar

    The status bar displays information pertaining to the currently loaded model.