Generic Bushing Model

The following describes a generic representation of a bushing model.

  • t be the independent variable time
  • p be a set of model coefficients or parameters used in the bushing definition
  • x(t) be a set of internal states used in the bushing model
  • u(t) be a set of known inputs provided to the bushing
  • y(t) be the forces generated by the bushing (the outputs)
Then the general form of the equations representing a bushing is:
Figure 1.
F( x ˙ ,x,u,p,t )=0 y( t )G( x,u,p,t )=0
The functions F(…) and G(…) depend on the bushing model that is used. The above equations can be combined into one single expression having the form:
Figure 2.
H( x ˙ ,x,u,p,y,t )=0