AbaqusODB Upgrade

AbaqusODB UpGrade is a HyperView tool, which upgrades ODB files created in Abaqus 2018 (or earlier) to Abaqus 2023.

Since the HyperView Abaqus ODB reader supports only Abaqus 2019 files, you must upgrade files from older versions.

If you have Abaqus 2023 installed, you can also use the upgrade command in Abaqus to perform upgrades.

  • Launch AbaqusODB Upgrade on Windows.
    1. From the Start menu, select All Programs.

      On Windows 10, go to the All Apps menu.

    2. Select Altair <version>.
    3. Select Tools > AbaqusODB Upgrade <version>.

      On Windows 10, select AbaqusODB Upgrade <version>.

    4. Select an ODB file and click Open.
    5. Enter the name of the new file and click Save.
  • Launch AbaqusODB Upgrade on Linux.
    1. In a Unix shell, execute the abaqus_odb_upgrade script from the altair/scripts directory as follows:
      abaqus_odb_upgrade <old file> [new file]