Return the element connectivity.


elemCnn = udfGetEbcCnn( udfHd ) ;


AcuSolve User-Defined Example Boundary Condition


The opaque handle (pointer) which was passed to the user function.

Return Value

elemCnn (Integer*)
Pointer to two dimensional integer array of element connectivity. The first (fast) dimension of the array is the number of elements in the boundary element set, nItems, and the second (slow) dimension is the number of element nodes, nElemNodes.


This routine returns the array of element connectivity. This is the array, without the first column, of the parameter elements of the command ELEMENT_BOUNDARY_CONDITION in the input file. For example,
Integer* elemCnn ;
Integer elemNode, elem, node, nElemNodes ;
nElemNodes = udfGetEbcNElemNodes( udfHd ) ;
elemCnn = udfGetEbcCnn( udfHd ) ;
for ( elem = 0 ; elem < nItems ; elem++ ) {
   for ( elemNode = 0 ; elemNode < nElemNodes ; elemNode++ ) {
       node = elemCnn[elemNode*nItems+elem] ;


  • This routine expects a valid udfHd.
  • This routine may only be called within an Element Boundary Condition user function.