Relevance of File Extensions

AcuSolve utilities store the different data files with their own unique extension.

These extensions do not individually specify a file format, but are used for your convenience. In other words, file extensions can be changed arbitrarily without impacting AcuPrep's ability to read and operate on the file.

The only extension that signifies a specific file format is the .B extension, which indicates a binary file. This extension can be added to any file name, and will indicate to AcuPrep that it will be reading a binary file.

The table below shows some of the commonly used file extensions and what they are typically used for. Different pre-processors may use a variation to the conventions shown below.
Coordinate File
Connectivity File
Element ID File
Surface File
Nodal Boundary Condition File
Periodic Boundary Condition File
Element Boundary Condition File
AcuSolve Readable Mesh File
Nodal Initial Condition File

As previously mentioned, the binary version of the files listed above have an additional .B extension appended to the corresponding extensions displayed in the above table.