Output Commands

The output of a problem is specified by the commands in this chapter.

All four commands have a boolean parameter active controlling whether the output type (trace, time cut, Poincare, interpolate) is active or not. At least one output type must be active, but otherwise any number of output types can be active. All AcuTrace output files are written to the directory given by the working_directory parameter of the FLOW_FIELD command. By default, this directory is ACUSIM.DIR.

The file format for output is specified by a format parameter. The available formats are

  • bin_rec
  • binary
  • ascii

The bin_rec format is the default. The other two formats are provided for backward compatibility with an older version of AcuTrace. Trace, timecut, and Poincare output written in the bin_rec format can be converted to a number of useful formats (Fieldview, EnSight, and so on) by the AcuTransTrace command. It is recommended that the bin_rec format be used when any of these three output types are active. INTERPOLATE_OUTPUT is a legacy output type provided for backward capability. The file format is specified by the AcuRunTrace file_format command option.