How to duplicate a motor?

The duplication of a motor is possible only in a user’s catalog. If you select a Reference catalog, the icon "DUPLICATE" is disabled.

Note: If the selected catalog is empty, the icon "DUPLICATE" is disabled

How to duplicate motor?
1 Selection of a user’s catalog in which the motor to be duplicated is stored.
2 Selection of the motor to duplicate.
3 Click on the button “DUPLICATE”.
4 A dialog box is automatically opened to allow the process of duplication.
5 Give a name to the new motor.
6 Button to cancel the duplicating of the motor.
7 Button to apply inputs and duplicate the new motor.
Note: The new motor “Dupli_Motor” previously created will be stored in the corresponding catalog. See next illustration.

The new motor “Dupli_Motor” (1) previously created is stored in the corresponding catalog (2).

Its general data are displayed in the corresponding tab (3). Performance are available only if the datasheet test has been performed (3).