Management of motors

1. Main areas

Here are the main zones that compose “MOTORS” environment of the Motor Catalog.

Zones of Motor Catalog – MOTORS area view
Zone 1 Motor Catalog has two main environments: CATALOG and MOTORS When MOTORS is selected = Blue color MOTORS environment of Motor Catalog is displayed. Three main functions are available from the top of this panel:
  • Create a new catalog,
  • Load a catalog
  • Set catalog as favorite
See the section “management of catalogs” for more information.
Zone 2 Reference catalogs are provided with the software. Selections of catalogs must be done in this field.

Motors of these catalogs are read only. However, they can be copied and moved into user’s catalogs.

Zone 3 User’s catalogs. Selections of catalogs must be done in this field.

The users can create new catalogs.See the process in the chapter “Reference commands”.

Zone 4 Visualization of all the motors (thumbnails) stored in the selected catalog. Clicking on one thumbnail allows displaying the corresponding motor on the central area (5).
Zone 4* The motors can be displayed as a slide show or as a list or as a matrix view of pictures.
Zone 5 Visualization of the selected motor.
Zone 6 Tools to manage the motor: Edit, New, Duplicate, Import or Delete motor.
Zone 7 Tools to manage the comparison between motors – Access to the comparator.
Zone 8 It is possible to attach documents to the selected catalog (pictures, pdf files etc.).