Release Notes

Highlights of the new version


You're using Altair® FluxMotor® 2023.1

This document gives the major information about Altair® FluxMotor® 2023.1. The main highlights of this new version are described below.

Here are the highlights of the new version:
  • Two new machine types are available:
    • The polyphase synchronous machine with permanent magnets (Inner and Outer Rotor)
    • The wound field synchronous machine with inner salient pole (Inner Rotor)

    Part Library, Part Factory and Motor Catalog have been updated to include these new machines.

  • A new test allows us to automatically compute and apply thermal calibration factors to reach targeted temperatures.
  • Export to Flux 3D – Induction machines with squirrel cage
  • Correction of issues
All the added new features are briefly described below, followed by an update on issues and bugs.

FluxMotor 2023.1 – The main highlights

For more detailed information, please refer to the user help guides. The list of documents to read is presented below.

Please see also the following sections:

  • Documents to read
  • List of new features
  • List of warnings
  • List of the main issues
  • How to report an error

Documents to read

Important: It is highly recommended to read the user guides, before using FluxMotor®. Each user help document can be downloaded from the online user help on the following link Documents to read