Motor Factory - Test

Enable user to assess performance of motors

MotorFactory - Test area

The test area home page includes three main zones

Home page view of the test areaExample for a Synchronous Machine with Permanent Magnets and Inner Rotor
Zone 1 Visualization of topology of the machine being studied.
Zone 2 Visualization and access to the different test packages classified into families. One clicks on a package’s icon opens it and gives access to the tests stored in it.
Zone 3 All the test names are displayed in this zone and classified under test families and test packages.

When no test package is selected, an overview (“TEST OVERVIEW”) appears, giving more details about the status of each test.

Here is an illustration for Synchronous Machine with Permanent Magnets

« R » : Test is running « ν » : Test is already performed «(1)» One test is saved

Clicking on a test row shows the operational area dedicated to the corresponding test.